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The pursuit of perfection is fiction

The pursuit of perfection goes beyond a perfectly organized closet by color or season. It goes beyond perfectly polished nails. The ultimate dream is ‘physical perfection’.

the pursuit of perfection is fiction

Physical perfection is the reason people go to the gym or do some kind of diet. 

The pursuit of physical perfection makes you strict, obsessive, stressed, and unhappy. It makes you dissect yourself piece by piece, you are always busy judging how you appear to the world. Your ‘passion’ to achieve perfection absorbs all the energy you have and then some.

If I was a cartoon, my life would be perfect.

If I was a cartoon, I would be perfect.

If I was a cartoon, I would be be happy all the time

But I’m not a cartoon. Cartoons are figments of somebody’s imagination.

I’m not perfect.

My life is not perfect either.

I struggle, I fail, I cry.

But I practice mindfulness, self-care and self-love on a daily basis.

I workout, I eat healthy, I serve and help others.

Every day I stand guard at the door of my mind. I keep a close eye on ‘what’ and ‘who’ I’m letting in.

You wouldn’t let a scary stranger enter your house, so why are you letting negative and scary images, thoughts and emotions to enter your mind?

Would you let a person in, whom you know will tell you “you suck!” ? No, you wouldn’t! So why are you letting doubt and scarcity thoughts to enter your mind?

The longer you hold things – ideas, thoughts, and feelings in your mind, the more you start to accept him unconsciously. 

And then you start to develop meanings that take over your life, likely in ways that won’t serve you.

If you are looking for how to feel happier, you must look within you first.

Let me guide you on this journey – let’s talk!

I know YOU CAN! Do you? ❤️