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Podcast 1 – Importance of ‘me-time’

I grew up watching my mom coming home from work, exhausted mentally and physically – getting into her duties as a homemaker. I grew up on a farm, so you can imagine the amount of work. Not to mention cleaning, cooking, laundry and cleaning again. By the time my mom sat down to take a break – it was 9 or 10pm. Barely enough time to say good night to me and my brother. Next day – exactly the same.

If you ask me what my mom’s hobbies were – she had none, because she had no time. So she claimed. By the time my mom was forced to take me-time, It was too late. She passed away in 2017. Sick, scared and alone.

I believe that we do have time just for us, for ‘me-time’. But we are afraid to take it, because we feel guilty about it, or because we assumed unrealistic  expectations to be more, to do more, to have more….. Or because we are afraid to be judged by others.

Sounds familiar? I bet it does!

Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you should neglect your family, your kids or your partner, or your duties.

I’m simply saying that we deserve some ‘me-time’ every single day. You deserve it, you already know that. 

How can I create me-time when I have so much to do? 

Allow yourself to let go of some of the burdens we each carry and find the space to create the time for ourselves we all need and deserve. 

It all comes down to time, space and love for yourself.

Do you love yourself enough to take this journey with me?

I know you are already worth it, so it’s just a matter of deciding …will you invest more time on yourself and your happiness,

Or are you always going to put everyone else first and hope to one day get a hero’s award,

Or are you going to step forward and take some time to reveal the best pieces of yourself that we all use to forever keep hidden.

You are worth it, and you already know that too.

Perhaps this is the message and wake up call you needed right now.

Isn’t it your turn and your time to take some self care? Isn’t it time to build a life you love?

Today is a new day, take this opportunity to take the first step in creating your ‘me-time’.

I’m giving you permission to have ‘me-time’ today. Start with 10 minutes today. 10 minutes that are unapologetically yours…. How do you want to feel during those 10 minutes? Let me know.

Share your thoughts about how you are going to claim your 10 minutes ‘me-time’ today.

If you want to learn more about how you can create a life you want, let’s talk.

You got this!

I know YOU CAN! Do you?

Listen to the podcast about the importance of consciously creating me-time.