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How grounding can heal you of inflammation, mind chatter, and overall stress

“I don’t want to go down the same road as my parents- Constantly in pain, full of stress, and pushing through life!”

“I am feeling so drained, and unmotivated”

Have you ever felt like your everyday life is a whirlwind of chaos?

When you think about your day, do you get overwhelmed?

Is it possible that your daily stress could be making your body feel fatigued, even inflamed?

If this is how you feel most days, you are not alone. Many people have these types of thoughts every day. I used to be one of the many that felt like stress was overtaking my life. I would create a to-do list, and before I had finished one task, I felt like over half of the day had passed me by. I decided to create good habits and routines for myself. This is why I want to help you with grounding yourself in your own life.

inflammation cure could be simple

Now that I know a life of feeling balanced, I want to help you find your balance. I know in my heart, you can do this! You can change your life, from subtle changes that take almost no time at all. The biggest change was learning ways to ground myself, and to feel in my body when I was out of balance. You have allowed yourself to live in stress for too long. So, why wait? Let go of your stress, and get grounded!

5 Simple Ways to become grounded 

1). Place your feet on the Ground

There are so many ways to ground, and they are so simple! Within just a few moments, you can come back to the “home base” of your inner self. One of the simplest ways is placing your bare feet on the Earth. Clint Ober discovered ways through grounding to heal his own body, and has created products that are sold around the world to help people become grounded. But you don’t need products to become grounded, they are just another amazing tool to assist.

2). Go after that loving feeling

The truth is, you can ground yourself, by simply focusing upon what you are passionate about- whether that is painting, hiking, playing video games, or just spending time with your family- these are a few examples to start with.

Gabby Bernstein says- “In order to truly show up for ourselves and for each other right now, we need to feel grounded.”  This is such a fun way to come back to your centered self, go out and do things that excite you! What is something you have always wanted to do, but never have?

Is there something you already know you love to do, but you’re not making the time for it? Start making the time for you, carve out that time to do the things you love. Set those problems aside for a moment to change your attitude, and allow yourself to get into “the flow”.

3.) Connect into your Senses

Our senses can actually help us to calm the mind, body, and spirit in stressful times, helping you to feel grounded. Allow yourself to enjoy the subtle things in life. With the help of essential oils, grounding foods, listening to water flow, and even looking at a beautiful landscape in nature- these can all assist in grounding! Easy, right? This grounding journey doesn’t have to be rocket science, it is just a matter of knowing the tools that can assist you at the right times. 

4.) Grounding with your Breath:

Since the dawn of time, people have been breathing. But the question is, are they breathing just to breathe? Is there more to our breath than filling the lungs and exhaling? The answer is YES! Our breath is another easy way to calm the nervous system, and allow ourselves to get into that “inner peace” feeling. If you would like to practice some breathing techniques, send me a message, and we can breathe together! 

5.) Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and Meditation have so much to offer us in our lives. On my own personal journey, I would not be who I am today, if it wasn’t for my devotion and spiritual passion for Meditation and Yoga. Did you know there are many types of yoga? I practice Dru Yoga, because I have felt the most energetic connection to this type.

Do you think this could be a fun and exciting journey, to try a few types and find the right type of Yoga for you? I can help you with that, and together we can dive into this new addition to your life!  Yes, meditation also has many styles and types.

I personally do all kinds- from mindfulness, to expanding in the field, and even Walking Meditations! If you would like to learn more about Dru Yoga, or types of Meditation, this is one of my favorite subjects! I would love to talk about this more with you, and find the right choices for where you are in your life.

So, Let go of the fear, and love life again!!

Changes in our daily routines can feel scary sometimes. It’s ok to feel scared about change, but how long do you want to live a life in fear and stress? Do you want to just live your life, or do you?

Or do you want to just thrive in it? How long do you want to keep living that same story? If you want to find a better life, grounding is a great start. If this subject matter has your interest, and you would like to learn more ways to stay grounded, give me a call, or just send me a message and we can talk more in-depth upon grounding for YOU.

If you just need someone to talk to, I am here to help. Together, we can find that perfect set of tools to keep you grounded and centered in your life. Send me a message, give me a call, and together we will figure it out! Allow yourself to shine- Together we’ll make the world a brighter place!