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How to look and feel healthy every day in 3 easy steps

Have you ever been stunned by the sight of your own reflection in a window or a store mirror?

What was your first thought? Was it “Oh my, look at those wrinkles and gray hair! I need to see my hairdresser! ” or maybe “Look at that disgusting fat belly! I need to start exercising!” or perhaps “Ugh, look at my cellulite!”

How to look and feel healthy every day in 3 easy steps

As much as we want to pretend not to care about our, and others’, appearance, it is important to us. Many of us use our appearance as a benchmark for our self-esteem and self-worth.

In a society, like ours, that stresses day in and day out the importance of appearance and looks, it is very easy to put ‘looks’ above health.

Before you turn green of envy of bodybuilders, Fitness and Bikini competitors physique, or social media ‘influencers’ – before you decide to follow their extreme diet and fitness challenges that are out there, please take into consideration their ‘behind-the-scene-sacrifices’ that are not shared on social media.

Lifestyle diet vs looking shredded for a specific event

We at M-Unity believe in sustainable and enjoyable lifestyles rather than ‘sacrifices, deprivation, and starvation’.  

We believe that being healthy is not a LOOK, it’s a FEELING, and we strive to build a world where people instead of chasing a picture of so-called ‘beauty standards’ strive to be healthy, real and authentic.

Bodybuilders, Bikini competitors are going through a gruesome diet prior to their performance. This diet is not suitable for ‘normal’ humans. 


Firstly, because it is based on deprivation and very specific caloric intake.

Secondly because it is not sustainable. 

Thirdly, because it comes with long term health consequences.

There are so many tips and hacks like “Best foods to eat before a photoshoot” or “How to lose 10 pounds in 5 days” or “How to get a 6 pack using juicing and detox”. 

It breaks my heart to see how many people chose suffering over happiness, joy and vitality

I understand the appeal of a quick fix, believe me. I understand the appeal of a short-term sacrifice instead of changing your lifestyle and creating a sustainable lifestyle. 

However, it is not worth it. Your health, physical and mental, will suffer.

Many of my clients have been stuck in that same mindset and beliefs. Those very same clients were also suffering from one or another medical problem caused by ‘extreme measures’ they’ve tried in order to ‘look healthy’. I showed them there is another, healthier and sustainable way.

Yes, I can make you lose weight and look shredded in a short amount of time.

Yes, I can give you a visible six-pack in just 21 days.

Will you enjoy the process?

Will you feel empowered, energized and motivated?

Will you be able to maintain that ‘look’?

Is it healthy in the long run?

The answer is NO. 

That’s why we at M-Unity coach our clients on how to achieve sustainable lifestyle, health, vitality and mental health. 

We incorporate exercise, mindfulness and healthy eating habits into our clients lives, without turning their lives upside down.

What do we coach our clients on?

1. Stop chasing so-called beauty and health standards defined by the media

You can’t change the media’s definition of beauty and health on your own, but you can change your definition of beauty and health. 

And by doing that you can help us, our community, to help others to understand that mental and physical health is the fundament for inner peace and happiness. Start focusing on the beauty you see in real-life people, people you admire. 

Have you ever realized how beautiful your mother or grandmother is? Those deep wrinkles that tell their life story? How beautiful is that?

Or pregnancy stretch marks? I find them so beautiful because it is the ultimate celebration of creating life in women’s bodies. 

Or any scars for that matter. They carry your story of suffering and survival. I find it so inspiring and motivational. It makes me appreciate my scars.

2. Stop comparing yourself to others

I have female clients in their 50s and 60s. And they are amazing. Their attitude, their sass and zest for life is so inspiring. But I had to coach them to stop the constant comparison with people (celebrities) who were years, if not decades, younger than them.

“Have you seen J-Lo during last AMA’s? I wish I looked like that! Her skin is amazing! And that a**! So perky”

Yes, J-Lo looks amazing. But most of us can’t afford the luxuries of frequent facials and spa treatments, expensive creams and anti cellulite lotions, private chefs, much less plastic surgery.  

No one has ever won the battle with the calendar. Except Betty White and Cher!

You will look older as you get older — but you can be and feel healthy no matter how old you are.

3. Focus on feeling healthy

Being consumed by your body’s shape because of how you look isn’t healthy. It will cause you stress, anxiety, and in some cases even depression.

Does your body function properly? Is your gut healthy? How is your immune system? Those are more important questions you should focus on instead of “do I have visible six-pack?”

Exercise, eat healthy, enjoy your life. Stop trying to force yourself to mold to the image of some stick thin fashion supermodel.

Bottom Line

My amazing M-Unity associates and I – we promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. We believe that a healthy mind, training and food is a trinity. You can’t forget one and exaggerate the other. They’re supposed to be balanced. That’s why we guide all three aspects. 

You don’t have to turn your life upside down to feel and look fully vital and healthy again. 

What we do the best is to teach you daily success habits that will steer you on a different path. What we do show you quick-and-easy-to-implement success habits that you can use to create a healthy and sustainable lifestyle that suits you.

Only thing you have to do is make that decision.

I know YOU CAN! Do you?