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What is the best way to lose weight fast?

Fast. Instant gratification. Right now! Now!

Our society is all about fast results, keep moving forward, higher and faster.

The Pandemic put some brakes on our lifestyle, work and life in general. 

We were forced to stay at home, stay safe. And we did. Filled with uncertainties, fear, and anxiety we kept ‘moving forward’. 

For some of us, our life continued ‘business as usual’. We followed our normal routine as much as possible. Eating healthy, exercise, practising mindfulness, sleeping enough.

For some people however, this change took a slightly wrong turn. The uncertainties and stress led them to eat more, to drink more, to sleep more (or less), to worry and stress more. This vicious circle of doing and thinking and thinking and doing, causes unwanted weight gain, sleep deprivation, more stress and more worries. 

How to lose weight fast

If this wasn’t enough already, add self-hatred on the top of it all. The more you eat and drink, the more weight you gain – the more you start to hate yourself. 

One day, you have ‘enough’ or you glance at yourself in a mirror and ask google “what is the best way to lose weight fast’ or ‘how to lose 10 pounds in a week’ or ‘fat freeze near me’ or ‘weight-loss and slimming medicine’ …… or anything else that helps you lose the weight fast.

Sounds familiar? I bet it does. It’s a real struggle many of us went through, or are going through.

I wish I could give you a magic formula, potion, or a pill that would give you the body you want.

Such ‘magic’ doesn’t exist. If it did, I’d be the one discovering it and get rich selling it to you.

I teach my clients that weight loss should never be the main focus or desire. ‘Why’ you ask?

Because it means you are putting this condition on your happiness, self-worth, self-esteem and self-love.

I’ve heard it a million times during ‘visioning sessions’ where my client is creating his or her goals aka vision board (or Mind Movie).

It goes something like this:

Me: “So, Mary, who do you want to be in 6 months from now. How do you want to feel on a daily basis?”

Client: “In 6 months I’ve lost 30 kg so I’m happy and confident.”

Me: “interesting. Do you feel this comes from a loving state of mind or from a place of ‘lack’?

Client: “Loving, of course! I’m happy and confident, right? That’s being loving towards myself, is it not?”

Me: “How about we dig deeper. What would happen if you didn’t lose 30 kg in 6 months?”

Client: “I’d feel the same way as I do now. Not happy and disgusted with myself!”

Me: “Not happy and disgusted with myself…. How does it sound when I say it out loud?

Client: “That sounds awful! Why would anybody say that? It makes me sad”

Me: “Let’s circle back to your statement – In 6 months I’ve lost 30 kg so I’m happy and confident-…. Really listen to those words. How does it make you feel?”

Client: “…………. I feel sad……… Anxious about the idea of not losing those 30kg.”

Me: “How do you see your previous statement now?”

Client: “I feel that I can be happy and confident ONLY when I lose 30kg……..”

Me: “How does that make you feel?”

Client: “…….. like shit…. Why do I think this way?………..”

And then we work on how to rephrase my clients statements to change her mindset and shift the focus. Once that’s done, weight loss doesn’t even come up. As my clients implement and stay focused on their vision of their future, weight loss will happen by itself. And from there it is so much easier to start a workout routine.

Ok ok. This is a blog about weight loss, allow me to circle back to this topic

What influences weight loss

Losing weight (fast) depends on your body type, gender, genetics, age and also current fitness levels. 

I said it many times before and I’m going to say it many times more.

People don’t have problems with losing weight, they have problems keeping the weight off.

One of the main influences on the success of your (fast) weight loss is your willingness to stick to your goal.

Change is difficult, uncomfortable and sometimes even painful. It requires lots of will power, determination, dedication, and of course – lots of hard work. And not only on your body. Nay nay! A lot of hard work on your mindset! 

Only ectomorphs (skinny fat people), skinny and thin, can lose weight faster as they are blessed with the fast metabolism. 

Other body types like mesomorphs (muscular yet some body fat) and endomorphs (lots of body fat; struggles to lose it) have to put extra effort into their journey. 

Take into consideration all of the above when you start making your plan.

Calculate your daily calorie intake, then create a calorie deficit and et voila!

Eat a balanced diet, get uncomfortable, stick to the plan – the results will come.

Remember, weight loss is a byproduct of a healthy and vital  lifestyle.

If you need help with your journey, I’m here for you.

I know YOU CAN! Do you?