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Most important lesson to teach your kids

What would the world look like if every child felt special, understood, accepted and loved – for who they truly are? Wouldn’t that be magic?

Many children struggle to fit in. But do they have to, or can we learn them from a young age to be who they are? 

In June 2022, the book The Magic of Merla was released and the short story about Merla is exactly about this topic. 

It’s meant to inspire and encourage young children who struggle to fit in. It’s also meant to support parents to teach their children that every child is unique and lovable in its own way. It’s an easy to read rhythm and rhyme and it features colorful and inspiring illustrations. 

I had amazing help from 2 extremely amazing and talented ladies! Edina is the creative mastermind behind the original artwork for the book – and Kiran who unleashed her fantasy on the illustrations!

What was the inspiration to write this book?  

My own journey was the compass for my book. The child-like happiness, curiosity and open-mindedness we willingly give up as we grow – just to fit in in the society and world, just to have the feeling we belong.  

But the price we pay “to belong” is not worth it. We lose, we betray ourselves, by pretending and playing a role in somebody else’s movie, we pretend to be happy.  

A movie that makes us feel unhappy, guilty and ashamed. I want all humans to allow themselves to be who they are, not what others want them to be. 

I’m a mother of two amazing kids, and I struggled in my youth with my own identity. After many setbacks & coaching I realized what support I missed during my childhood. If only someone would have told me how amazing and unique I was for just the way I am! 

It would have been life changing. Who doesn’t want to give their kids a childhood they don’t need to recover from later in life? I know I do! 

This insight made her write the small story about the Magic of Merla. Because every child is magic by itself. 

What is the book about?   

This book is a short story to teach kids and adults that it is ok to be different, to be your true self and live your best life in doing so. Being our true selves is something to be celebrated and not to be ashamed of. That’s what happiness is – living life without any guilt, shame and expectations – as a part of wholeness.

Who are the main characters and why are they important to the story?

8 years old Merla (I’m Merla) is the main character. She abandons her identity, her true self, because of peer and societal pressure to be ‘normal’. After realizing she is not happy pretending, she finds courage to embrace her true self – just the way she is, even if it means she is standing all alone.    

Why do you think that this book will appeal to readers?

For any child or adult that hides behind what society deems as normal should read this book. I hope this book motivates others to allow themselves to be more than their upbringing, culture and learned beliefs.  

How is this book relevant in today’s society?

As humans, we want to fit in, we want to have meaningful and loving bonds, and respect and approval of our peers – that’s our deep desire. We don’t choose our earliest habits, we don’t choose our behavior –  we imitate them. We follow a script handed down to us by our family, friends, teachers, communities and society. These scripts dictate who we should be, how we should behave – in order to be accepted, to belong. We follow these norms blindly, unconsciously – we start to live on auto-pilot, abandoning who we are. And thus we create this huge void within us that we try to fill with material things, substances and experiences that are taking us further away from feeling whole. 

Is there any subject currently trending in the news that relates to your book?

Mental health, living consciously, staying true to yourself  and thus pursuit of happiness is always ‘trending’, don’t you think?   

What makes your book different from other books like it?

There are so many amazing books that talk about similar topics, hence people can choose whichever book speaks to them. We are all seeking and pursuing the same things in life, but take different paths to find it. We are using an unique, holistic angle and approach to mental wellness and happiness that appeals to children as well as adults.     

What do you want readers to take away from your writing?

There are many different points of views around us. Some are helpful to get us where we want to go (or be who we want to be), but some are distracting us from the truth. 

Although it can be helpful to hear advice/opinion from others, stand guard at the door of your mind. 

Watch not only WHAT comes in, but also WHO is delivering it.  

When it comes down to it – you will have to make your own decision. 

Do you know how unique you are? 

How your path- is your path- to be chosen and lived – only by you? 

Someone else cannot be the power behind your throne and become the source of your decision making power without negative consequences for you in the long run. 

Sometimes we need to accept that any path is a path forward. 

If it is not the best path, we can always turn around and choose a different one. It’s not about making the ‘perfect’ decision or a choice. Just making a choice that’s your own, unique and real, will take you closer to where you want to be. The more you know who you truly are on the inside, the easier it is to make the right choices for you. 

How did you learn about the topic? 

My own experience with sensing and experiencing the world differently. 

I grew up watching my family clinging to old beliefs, taking on the victim mentality and I saw what it did to them. 

As I moved abroad, I started to work in the fitness and wellness industry and I experienced first hand how powerful mindset is. 

I began my journey by learning from many teachers that crossed my path. 

As I traveled the world, I was exposed to different cultures, beliefs and teachings and met many people, who guided me to my authenticity. 

I’m an advanced student of many ‘gurus’, past or present. I’m also a HeartMath® Certified Mentor and Practitioner.

From everything that I learned, adapted and practiced – I created my own techniques that bring real and lasting changes to anybody who is willing to do the work. 

I’m continuously educating myself in the fields of mental health, mindfulness, neurosemantics and spirituality.

So what is the most important lesson to teach your kids?

You fit in, you belong – because you are you!

If you, yes you – if you have troubles believing in the above sentence, give me a call and let’s talk. Let’s bring back your childlike-joy and curiosity. 

After all, the world can be a magical place – if you choose to experience it that way.

I know YOU CAN. Do you?

The Magic of Merla – New Book Release!