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How to become be MORE human and less perfect

Are you happy?

I strive to teach people to be MORE human and less perfect. I want to create a world where people strive for mental and physical health instead of chasing a picture of so-called beauty standards.

That’s why I founded M-Unity (Em-Unity), a community where you can be you.

Unity means Oneness. 

Being “one” with oneself and the world is the first step in unleashing one’s true potential.

Addressing mental, spiritual, emotional and physical aspects of your life – helps getting rid of the ‘old’ and ‘ascending’ of the true self – thus making you immune to the negativity around.

Happiness, self-love, self-care – mean nothing if they do not come from within us. 

When we keep looking for external sources of happiness, we will keep chasing ‘that next thing’ to make us happy. 

Imagine you have no Wi-Fi connection, no data on your phone, you are not connected to the Internet. 

You keep clicking on any website or trying to log into your email account, but you cannot. 

Because you are disconnected from the Internet. 

The same principles apply when it comes to love. 

If you are not connected to yourself, if you do not feel love towards yourself, if you do not accept yourself as you are, if you are not happy for no reason at all – you will have a hard time to live your life with purpose. 

Do you want to keep coasting through your life?

Or do you want to work to create the life you always wanted? To be the best version of yourself? 

Me and my associates at M-Unity can guide you on this journey.

Message us, call us, send us smoke signals, pigeon post – we are here for you!