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Can we be happy for no reason at all?

Did you know that there is a condition called Hypengyophobia?

Hypengyophobia is the irrational fear of responsibility.

When suffering from Hypengyophobia one can experience a very high amount of anxiety from merely thinking of responsibility, let alone actually being responsible.

It was very interesting to learn about the symptoms of hypengyophobia, such as:

  • Anxiety when thinking of responsibilities
  • Constantly avoiding responsibilities
  • Unable to cope with their anxiety
  • Muscle tension, shakiness, and sweating
  • May experience panic attacks

It got me thinking – don’t we all experience some levels of anxiety just by thinking about responsibilities?

Don’t we all experience mild ‘panic attacks’ when we wake up thinking what we have to do that day? Or who we have to deal with? 

It can get ‘too much”, doesn’t it?

I wonder though, is it fear of responsibility what we feel?

Or is it self doubt?

Or is it fear?

Lack of self love? Self esteem? 

Fear and self doubt affect our happiness

We are not saying fear is bad. Or good, for that matter. Fear does keep us alive and away from danger. 

You can’t be courageous and brave without fear.


Fear can paralyze us. 

Fear can keep us imprisoned in a life of ‘should’, shouldn’t’, ‘have to’, ‘cannot’ and ‘must’…..

Sometimes, playing “small” is keeping us safe in our bubble we created for ourselves. 

Sometimes we are holding on to self-doubt and fear because we are scared to be happy. Maybe because we think we haven’t suffered enough yet, so we don’t deserve to be happy.

Playing small is preventing us from taking risks we are too scared to take. It keeps us away from our freedom.

Can you imagine how you would feel if you faced your fears?

What would it feel like to give yourself the freedom to try something new with so much faith, belief, and confidence?

We teach people how to get to that “being happy for no fricking reason” state of mind. We strive for people to be happy and content with themselves.

We want to create a world where people are allowed to be REAL and PURE and AUTHENTIC.

Acknowledge and accept ALL of your feelings

Today, we want you to acknowledge – and accept – all your feelings.

What helped us, and many of our clients is this powerful morning ritual, based on the tapping meditation. If you can, try the ‘Tapping’ Solutions meditations. They are super powerful!

Whenever you have time, sit down for a minute. Take a few deep breaths. 

Imagine you are in a bubble filled with bright light.

Say this, out loud or in your mind:

Even if I have these feelings of self-doubt and fear – I acknowledge how I feel and I accept myself as I am.

Even if I’ve been doubting myself and holding myself back – I recognize how hard this has been, and I open myself to a new way of dealing with my fear.

These constant unpleasant feelings – it’s hard to try doing my best when I have trouble trust and believe in myself

Sometimes I just don’t feel good enough and no matter what I do, this self-doubt creeps in.

This feeling of fear and self-doubt is robbing me of my freedom, and I’ve been holding myself back from responsibility for my life and my happiness.

Let whatever memories, thoughts, or feelings present themselves. Stay with them.

Then say the following:

It is safe for me to be powerful and release my fears.

Part of me has been holding on to these fears and doubts because I’m scared of making mistakes and being judged by myself and others.

It is easier to doubt myself then to try and be disappointed.

All this pressure I put on myself, it doesn’t work and I’m ready for a new way.

I chose to be happy. I chose to be powerful. I chose to accept myself as I am. I chose to accept the world as it is. 

How do you feel?

You can feel happy for no fricking reason. Give it a try.

We know YOU CAN! Do you?