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Mini loop band workout movie

“I don’t have enough equipment to exercise” is one of the ‘reasons’ my clients gave me for not exercising.

“I don’t have enough space” is another reason.

Well, I’d like to share with you 15 exercises that you can do anywhere.

All you need is one mini loop band. 

Do each move for 60s, if single side, switch after 30s.


P.S. Make sure your loop has no tears in it. It’s going to hurt when it snaps 

  1. Standing Raise
  2. ALT Lateral Arm Rotation
  3. LAT pulldown
  4. Frontal circle aka “drive the car”
  5. Bent-Over Row 
  6. Single Lat Pull-Down (you can lift your knee up to work on your balance and stability) Switch arms 
  7. Single ALT Upright Row
  8. ALT hammer curl
  9. Single Triceps Side Extension/Switch Arms
  10. Lateral squat step
  11. Single Hip Abduction / Switch legs
  12. Single Standing leg kickback/Switch Legs
  13. Single Lunge / Switch Legs
  14. Single Side oblique crunch /Switch sides
  15. Single Straight leg drop/Switch sides