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Plan your happiness

If I would ask you to choose something that you want to do right now, in this moment – what would it be?

  • Sleeping?
  • Driving your car with windows down? 
  • Sunbathing on a nice beach? 
  • Dancing barefoot with your best friends? 
  • Eating your favorite food at your mom’s house?
  • Or just chilling with your family? 
  • Or none of these?

Cool! The decision is YOURS.

Isn’t that amazing? 

The freedom of choosing?

Start with 10 minutes and do whatever makes YOU happy

You can choose something that makes YOU happy. 

You can choose and create, grow and do something that makes YOU happy

If there is anything that doesn’t serve you anymore – stop doing it. 

Rather choose something that makes you truly happy – and do it today – as tomorrow the same thing might not be as exciting as right now. Or you won’t be able to do it.

Have you ever had the feeling that you missed the best moment…because ‘I’m gonna just quickly finish this thing and I’m gonna be with you in a minute’ – and you realize that the minute was actually 60 times longer? 

You’ve spent your time doing some ‘important stuff’ while your friends or family were waiting for you? 

And when you were ready to join ‘the moment’ you were actually looking forward to – it wasn’t there anymore. The moment has passed.

Your family started to play a different game, finished their food or went to sleep? 

And you sat down disappointed, angry and hurt – because your family didn’t wait for you….. 

How does it make you feel when you realize that you are not enjoying the ‘HERE and NOW’?

How does it make you feel you keep missing out, keep missing the big moments? The happy and fun time with your family and friends?

Start with 10 minutes and do whatever makes YOU happy

It takes 10 minutes of your day. Start with 10 minutes and do whatever makes YOU happy.

The first step is to explore what makes you truly happy.

The second step is to allow yourself to ‘try and fail’ different things, until you find what truly makes you happy. 

If you keep going, trying, experiencing and learning about yourself –  it means the first step is important for you. 

There is this scary tool that can actually help you create time for what makes you happy. 

It’s called a ‘planner’. 

It is scientifically proven that scheduling at least 10-15 minutes of “me time” daily, increases overall happiness

Be a boss, schedule your happy time, and stick to it. Bosses don’t cancel.

You are responsible for creating happy and lasting moments for yourself. Not your work, family, friends, or the world. YOU!

You are your best friend. Start acting like one and take care of YOU!

Start working on your happiness.

You got this!

It’s time to create your biggest masterpiece – YOU.