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Why are you not losing weight?

In theory, weight loss should be easy: Eat healthy, exercise, and reap the rewards.

Easy peasy, right?

But losing weight isn’t always that simple.

We all struggle and suffer from time to time. And in those moments when you feel like you want to give up – a message or an ad appears – promising a quick fix to your weight loss problem.

They promise some “magical” pills/herbs/supplements/detox/spot fat reduction advice/exercise. If it sounds too easy or too good to be true – you can safely assume it’s a big BS.

I do understand the appeal of such shortcuts. Who wouldn’t want to lose 50lbs in a month by drinking juices or taking one pill or drink the special tea? Right? (BTW, it is not possible to lose 50lbs in a month, unless you lose a limb…)

When you are frustrated with your weight and you don’t like what you see in the mirror – you will do ANYTHING to change, right? Wrong!

And if you are honestly doing your best …. You can feel like you’re doing all the right things — and you might lose some weight at first, but then you might reach the dreaded weight-loss plateau.

I’m sure you’ve been there: You’ve followed your diet to a T, you’ve cut calories, stopped drinking alcohol (why?), you work out regularly, and you’re still not losing weight.

When you’re putting in the work and still not dropping pounds, well, that’s mind-numbingly infuriating.

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon. But whatever you do, don’t give up. So what could be the reason you are not shedding the weight?

  1. You have unrealistic weight-loss expectations
  2. You don’t eat enough food
  3. You’re not eating carbs (or protein or healthy fat)
  4. You’re not working out hard enough
  5. You only do cardio workouts
  6. You’re trying to change your whole lifestyle at once
  7. You don’t pay attention to your body’s cues
  8. You eat more than you think you do
  9. You don’t get enough good sleep
  10. You spend a lot of time sitting or being inactive