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Should you buy supplements or not?

Before you fall for an ad, or pretty Instagram ‘influencer’ promoting a ‘healthy fitness /weight loss supplement’ – I have two words for you – buyer beware!

Whether you are an athlete or recreational fitnessian – it can be hard to resist the enchantment of pills, powders, or teas that promise to let you go faster, lift heavier, feel less fatigued, lose weight or melt the body fat away.

The overwhelming lineup of fitness and weight loss supplements screams at you online, at your gym or pharmacy, health-food stores and social media feeds.

Most of these products haven’t been proven to work, some could be downright harmful, and NONE are necessary for exercise and weight loss!

Manufacturers are NOT required to demonstrate a.k.a. ‘prove’ that the supplements are safe or effective before selling them.

Even more, there is absolutely no guarantee that the products actually contain what is listed on labels. And the level of some ingredients, especially in multi-ingredient supplements, may be too low to be effective. 

Because certain ingredients are ‘in’ and labeled as “wonder’ – it is always appealing to the end consumer.

By following these tips you will become a savvy supplement shopper:

  1. Forget (and ignore) claims such as ‘clinically proven’ or ‘clinically tested’, which are basically meaningless. Instead, check out the actual research for yourself by going to Google Scholar or Look for independent studies testing that type of supplement in people – not in animals or test tubes. 
  1. When you see supplements that contain a ‘proprietary blend’ of  ingredients  – please beware! This very often includes a mishmash of things you don’t want, and insufficient amounts of what you do want (and need). I’m not a doctor, but please never take more than the recommended amount!
  1. Please check if the supplement has been tested by Consumerlab or Labdoor. These are independent organizations that analyze dietary supplements to see whether they contain what’s listed in the label as well as any impurities or potentially harmful ingredients.
  1. Don’t let claims that a supplement or any of its ingredients are ‘natural’ to cloud your judgment. Just because something is labeled as natural, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe! Death Cap mushroom or Red Toadstool are all natural, but you would eat them, now would you?
  1. If you can’t pronounce an ingredient, you can safely assume it’s a chemical. Would you willingly put unknown chemicals into your body? I wouldn’t, that’s for sure!

PRO TIP – Majority of slimming supplements and detoxes contain ingredients that are suppressing appetite and cause diarrhea. So yes, you will lose some weight (not body fat!) in a short time, but as soon as you stop poisoning yourself – you will gain all the weight back. 

So, should you buy supplements or not? It’s up to you. But for the love of god – do your research! Don’t be a ‘trend follower’ be a ‘trendsetter’! 

A trendsetter for educated and knowledgeable consumers!

I know YOU CAN! Do you?