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How your why can motivate you to achieve your goals

Have you ever dreamt of doing something amazing? 

Starting something new? 

Something healthy? 

Something you were so excited about you just couldn’t sleep?

Let’s say, your goal was to lose weight and gain a chiseled and lean body.

So the first two weeks you worked diligently to achieve your dream. Full of energy and excitement you were working out in the gym towards your goal every day. 

You adjusted your eating habits, you even stopped drinking beer, for god’s sake! 

You felt so amazing!

The third week you had to work over-time, it was a rainy week. You came home every day, tired, hungry. You said to yourself it is ok to skip a day at a gym and have a ‘cheat day’. That week you made it twice to the gym. 

You got more and more reluctant to get up and go to the gym. You kept saying “I’ll go tomorrow”. 

From that moment onwards you had an extremely hard time to go to the gym, you preferred to stay in and order some take out. 

Soon you found yourself only going to the gym once a week, then once every 2 weeks, and eventually stopped going altogether. 

Sounds familiar? I bet it does.

We all have fallen short in life so many times.

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not calling you out. This is just a typical case of loss of motivation, and incredibly common one.

We all want something, but only a few of us will achieve it. Why?

Let’s do a fast check. Does this sound like you?

Do you feel lost trying to accomplish something you set your mind to?

Do you feel like there is no clear direction on how to get there?

Do you feel like being stuck in one place scared to choose a path?

Feeling this way is way more common than you think. Frankly, most of our clients don’t really know ‘what’ they want. And they sure don’t know ‘why’ they want it.

But they want to get it fast.

Sometimes we just want to hurry, take shortcuts – in order to achieve our goal – just to find ourselves lost and exhausted. We can help!

‘Seven Levels Deep’ exercise

My business coach, Dean Graziosi, discusses in his book Millionaire Success Habits, a way of identifying your true why called the ‘seven levels deep’ method. 

We did this exercise during our Knowledge Broker Course and it was life changing for me. Actually, it blew my mind. 

Why does it work 100% at the time?

Because if I ask you “why do you want to lose weight?” or “why do you want to get a chiseled body?” – you will spit out an answer straight from the top of your head.

That’s not your true ‘why’.

This method is designed to get you to answer with your heart, not your head. 

In your heart, there is that deep, true ‘why’ that will keep you motivated and disciplined.

Once you know your ‘why’ – your life will start slowly transforming. 

Give it a try! What do you have to lose? 

Me and my amazing team at M-Unity can help you to find your true ‘why’ and map out the best path for you to get what you want.

You can be our next success story!

I know YOU CAN! Do you?