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5 Steps To A Healthier And Vital Life

First things first. You know by now, that it is impossible to create your desired life if you don’t know what it looks like. The majority of people can tell you exactly what they don’t want. I bet if I asked you ‘What is it that you don’t want in life?’, you would answer me without thinking. 

Instead, let me ask you: “Do you know how to create a healthier and virtual life for yourself?”

Before you answer, give yourself some time with a blank page to map out what a vital life looks like to you in every aspect of your life – physically, financially, spiritually, emotionally.

There is an old saying, ‘if you don’t know where you’re going, you may end up someplace you don’t like much’.

I don’t know where you want to go, but I can teach you 5 easy steps to find out. I teach the same steps to my clients. 

1. Disconnect from your outer world

I know this one is almost impossible in today’s world. But if you spend your entire day with your phone in your hand, you are not really living. 

I want to challenge you.

Turn off your cell phone, TV, laptop, and computer. Start with only ten minutes. Sit your body down and close your eyes. And just breathe, connect with yourself and with your loved ones. Practice mindfulness and gratitude. Keep practicing this disconnection daily and you will feel the freedom you haven’t felt in a long time. I guarantee it!

2. Take some deep breaths and center yourself 

When you center your attention into the present moment, you have more energy to create with. When your mind wanders to the unknown future, the familiar and often hurtful past – that’s our ‘normal’. Become aware, be mindful of it and keep working on settling yourself back down into the present moment. When you are in the present moment, you are the most creative. Create the future YOU want – in the present moment.

Our past is ‘research and development only, nothing more!

3. Create your future self

Dr. Joe Dispenza teaches us to ask ourselves, “Can I be defined by a vision of the future instead of the memories of the past? What do I want in my life?” Take time to answer.

As you begin to contemplate and think about the answer, your physiology is changing accordingly. Your brain changes. When you make your brain to fire up in new, positive sequences – that’s the beginning step of changing your mindset.

Next, pay attention to your feelings and emotions when you are creating that future. Condition your body and mind emotionally what the future feels like. You are priming yourself for the best future.

4. Prime yourself, mental rehearsal

Focus, rehearse in your mind who you are going to be when you open your eyes. The things you have to do, the choices you have to make, the steps you need to take, the priorities you need to let go. As you mentally rehearse your desired future, imagine it, feel it, experience it over and over again – until it becomes familiar to you.

Let go of some of your priorities – as they are serving others, not you or your future!

5. Let go of the old version of yourself

This step is the hardest, at least it was for me. There are a few things you must give up in order to succeed. Some of them are easier to give let go than others.

The biggest thing to let go of is your old thoughts and beliefs. These beliefs are given to us by our parents, family, and society. 

Another thing you must let go are your old habits. Your habits got you where you are now, and now it’s time to analyze them and decide if they can get you where you want to go.

Perhaps the hardest thing to let go – some of your old friends. In order to ‘support you’ in achieving your dreams, your friends are giving you advice that’s based on their own limited beliefs and fears: “You should take it slow, the economy is bad right now” or “You don’t have enough money to do that” or “You have a good job with good salary, why would you through it away?” Tony Robbins’ advice is to ‘surround yourself with people who have a bigger future mindset, not bigger past mindset’.

I already mentioned the need to let go of some of your old priorities. If your priorities do not serve your next level in life – they need to go.

The last thing to shed are some of your old goals. This is the new version of you, your old goals might hold you back.

Bottom Line:

“There will be obstacles. There will be doubters. There will be mistakes. But with hard work, there are no limits”

Michael Phelps –

You have the power to live an extraordinary life. But you need to commit fully – this is not your hobby. It is the rest of your life!