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HIIT workout movie

The hardest and scariest part is to put on your training shoes. The rest is pretty easy.

So, put on your shoes now and let our “gentle beast”, Sav Rana, take you through his HIIT routine. This is a sample of what Sav does with our clients.

Don’t forget – always exercise within your own limits and with proper posture to prevent injuries.


  • 8 moves in total
  • do each move for 30s, no breaks in between moves
  • after the last move, take a 90 seconds break
  • repeat 4 times
  1. Plank Shoulder Tap
  2. Skaters Touch The Floor
  3. Sprawls
  4. Leg Lift Clap Under
  5. High Plank To Bear
  6. Sprint Lateral Hop
  7. Plank Cross Knee
  8. Parkour